Jetpack Joyride Mod Apk 2020 – Download 1.28.2 With Unlimited Money

Playing adventurous games are one of the most popular types of games found in current time, so we have got for you jetpack joyride mod apk 2020 with unlimited features. The developers of the game try to explain to us that the main character is very unsatisfied with his profession and paper.

Game Overview

jetpack joyride mod apk

The Jetpack Joyride is an innovative game that contains elements of adventure, experience games, and role-playing games. The game is based on vehicles that are moving in real-time, and they powered by the type of fuel that you can find in the game.

All set, you will have to travel all over the place to avoid obstacles in the way of your vehicle also to collect all gems that you see while playing. After finishing all these tasks, you will get points to increase your level and buy additional engine upgrades.

The performance is enjoyable and addictive. It makes it very easy controls and accessible gameplay for players of all experiences. Throughout the game, you will see such type of graphics that helps the gamer to make their gaming even great.

In the digital age, almost everyone has a smartphone working Android and other most excellent of them. There is a significant reason following Google Android technology, and you can also customize the Android games following their requirements with jetpack joyride online.

App NameJetpack Joyride Mod Apk
Size98 MB
Supported DeviceAndroid 4.1 & Greater
Latest Version1.28.2
Last Updated On8 June 2020
Created ByHalfbrick Studios
Uploaded ByThe Traffic Rider Apk


Jetpack Joyride Mod Apk Story

jetpack joyride

There are lots of power-ups that are available in the game, and one can only pick a few, and at most, they will keep them for later use. The one that is quite important in the game is the rocket that will help you reach the highest level.

If you get the rocket, then you will get the highest standards. In the game, you will find primary three levels where you will have to finish all of them. The level that you will get after completing all the standards is the highest one that you can reach in the game.

Jetpack Joyride Game is free, but there are some crucial features, but they are paid, which will get unlocked after passing the sorties. Most of some people left playing this game in the middle as they are not able to complete all of the missions.

To resolve this difficulty, we have become up with a suspension, and that is a mod version of jetpack joyride apk. It means all paid features like mission unlocking, changing locations, getting unlimited coins, and many more features will be unlocked for you.

Key Features

key features

 Various Power-Ups: 

There are various power-ups present in the game to help you overcome the various obstacles you may encounter. Some of the available powers are the air horn and the flame thrower. These are present in the Jetpack Joyride to help you get through tough situations. One of the most critical power-ups is the rocket that will help you to reach and complete all the important missions in no time.


There are primarily three levels in this game. The main goal is to reach the top level, which will give you the highest level. Each level that you will play in the game will help you achieve the highest standard, and once you reach this level, you will be able to collect the gems in the game. The mod version jetpack joyride will also help you to complete your mission without many kinds of effort in this game.

 Types Of Rocket: 

There are two types of rockets that you can use to complete all the levels. One of the missiles available in the game is the firing rocket found in the top left corner. It is a nondestructive rocket that is one of the significant features in the game. The other type of rocket present in the game is the star rocket, which will help you reach the highest level. There are also few power-ups that you can collect in the game to use them later on.


The Developers of this game put them a lot of effort to design high-quality graphics in this beautiful game. Many features of the Jetpack Joyride will help you to enjoy the game for quite some time. jetpack joyride features a side-scrolling world making it more like a role-playing game Once you complete all the levels, you will be able to use the rockets that you have collected to gain maximum experience points.

Some Positive Reviews

arcade game

01: Nowadays, peoples play new games which have very high-quality graphics, but an actual game lover always prefers to play classic games because those games we were usually playing in our childhood.

02: The illustration details is very good with some bit of tiny pixel All characters, including the scientist, are very cute the only suggestion is that it takes some time to start and I have to wait long for an event.

Also, Check out another role playing game Avakin life Mod Apk For Free.

03: The only thing I don’t like in this game and hope your response will be the same because when you play this game, there are many ads on this app which will pop up while you are playing in tough situation hope they fix it soon.

My Experience About Jetpack Joyride Mod Apk

role playing game

I have been playing this game from a while, and it has been more than two and half years this is a very addictive game because it is a classic game which reminds me my childhood memories that I was used to playing this game almost every day in my daddy’s mobile.

I Completed all the missions of this game without any help like mod version or anything else. Still, we are providing you jetpack joyride mod apk that will help you a lot to complete the missions because some people left the game because they are not able to achieve the task.

My favourite option was Fly the coolest jetpacks and customizing your creator where I used to design the look of my players like face, clothes, shoes, and other tools which are necessary to compete again your opponent.

How To Download Jetpack Joyride Mod Apk

Downloading your jetpack joyride apk from Traffic Rider ApkΒ is very rapid and honest to understand, some of you people will learn how to download the game but if you have a some of the confusion, then here is the way how you can get it.

Step 01: For starting the download, First of all, you have to click on the go to download page when you click on it. It will drive you to the main download page.

Step 02: when you click on goto download page button it will redirect you to the start download page. Click on the Start Download button now it will lead you to google drive now you can download it.


Step 03: After clicking on the Start Download button. It will start downloading your file. If you still have some questions regarding the jetpack joyride mod apk download process, you can check out our extra screenshot here.

How To Install Jetpack Joyride Mod Apk

If you have downloaded the game from the google drive link, here are some additional steps to complete your installation method of this game.

how to install

Step 01: now go to the place where you have downloaded your file. When you are installing the app for the first time, you have to give some authority for further installation steps.

Step 02: After opening the app, it will pop up and ask for any permission, in the beginning, you have to choose the option “Allow For This Source” now press back key, and now you can install your app and play it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

 Is jetpack joyride mod apk is safe to play? 

Yes, jetpack joyride mod Apk is 100% safe. I have personally reviewed it, and we have not noticed any defects, viruses or anything else.

 What is Jetpack Mod Apk? 

Mod is kind of modification that developers usually do to make the game more interesting which is also did in jetpack joyrider apk.

 How can I download and install Jetpack Joyride Apk? 

In above, We have given you the download file. Please check and download as per our direction. For installation just on your mobile developer mode option then install the apk, so let you exercise and have fun with this game.

 Playing Traffic Jetpack Mod is Free? 

Yes, playing this game is 100% and we have already given you with the mod version of this game Jetpack joyride Mod Apk which means paid items will also be free for you.

 How can I complete all the Missions? 

We have previously given you the Mod version of this game. Then you don’t have to make such potential to complete the task because this mod can advise you to complete this jetpack joyride. After working this game, I bet you will occur within love with this game.

Final Words

Jetpack joyride mod apk unlimited money is one of the most make money and favourite games for Android devices free right now. If you haven’t played this play till now, then you should download it from the above links or you can also download it from Google Play Store.

This game has 100M+ downloads and also rated 4.5 on playstore by its 5,000,000 users all our the world. This game is free created and designed by Halfbrick Studios you can check out their official site.

If you want to play this game in you pc then it is straightforward you need to download any android emulator according to the specification of your pc then you will be able to download and play android games of pc or laptop for free.

If you have still some question or problem according to this apk version or you want to request for another game you can contact us. We will try to answer your queries as fast as we can. I hope this article will help you and also increase your knowledge according to this game.





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