Avakin Life Mod Apk 2020 – Download 1.042.03 With (Unlimited Money)

Along with such a giant game as the game on android, Avakin life mod apk offers you to plunge into virtual reality, which is open to bold experiments and all your desires.

You can create your hero from scratch at avakin, and give him unique features, dress him in a variety of clothes.

You can build your own house and create cosines and comfort in him, find like-minded people, go to entertainment venues and chat in real-time.

Everything that you do in real life, you will do here, but with great interest! This game can be downloaded from the official Google Play Store.

Avakin Life Mod Apk : Game Overview

avakin life mod apk

Avakin Life is a social role-playing Avakin life mod apk game that takes you to a colourful virtual world.

The character’s appearance settings precede the beginning. Editing capabilities are that will enough to make the hero unique.

He can choose a hairstyle, change facial and clothes, features.

After that, the character receives a certain amount of money, which is worth buying a comfortable home, furnish it with all kinds of utensils and invite guests to a housewarming party.

The game world is filled with various locations. There is a sultry beach, and a green park, and numerous nightclubs.

It is in these public places that other virtual personalities gather. It is much more fun to spend time with them.

The project boasts good graphics. There are not so many objects here, but a detailed elaboration offsets this.

The background soundtrack helps you relax and enjoy the gameplay. The Avakin gaming Life is a great option for those who want to break away from reality and enjoy informal communication with other people.

App NameAvakin Life Mod Apk
Size130 MB
Last Updated On10 July 2020
Supported Device4.1 and up
Created ByLockwood Publishing Ltd
Uploaded ByThe Traffic Rider Apk


Avakin Life Apk 2020 Story

download avakin life

Avakin Life – 3D Virtual World – an original project is resembling, in essence, a social network mixed with Sims.

It has beautiful graphics and designs the ability to create a unique avatar, as well as complete freedom of choice, action, care, hobby and social circle.

If you love role playing game then you must download Afk Arena Mod Apk another beautiful game for free.

Build houses, equip, apartments, get a job, get to know other participants, finding common interests, go to parties and simply explore the vast world that is continuously changing, including due to the actions of gamers. Well, raising the rating will significantly improve the situation and open up new opportunities.

Avakin life mod apk is a multi-player game with a social bias, where players can communicate with each other any colleges, make new friends and equip their virtual world.

A considerable open-world awaits you, in which you can freely move around and do what you want. Meet players and Go to the beach from all over the world, and perhaps you will be able to meet a soul mate.

Do not forget about arranging your housing; you will have an apartment and a massive set of interior items, household appliances and furniture. All this can be arranged as you like best and create unique designs.

There are simply no rules in the game. You can do your own thing, take part in contests, look into the apartments of your new friends and just have fun.

Wardrobe and number of items in the Avakin life mod menu play a considerable role.

You can change your character, for example, if you are going on a date, dress up your man in a formal suit, go to the beach, pick up a swimsuit or shorts with a light tank.

Also play Dr Driving Mod Apk game for more fun.

There is always a choice; developers are continually updating their project and attract new users.

In some ways, the simulator resembles SIMS, but without a built storyline and no visible restrictions.

If you like to chat with people, have fun and spend a lot of time in the wardrobe, then you will enjoy the game.

Avakin Key Features

avakin life features

Life simulators are especially popular in the gaming environment.

Unfortunately, finding an excellent simulator for a tablet is problematic. But still, there is one exciting game of this kind that deserves attention – Avakin Life.

Avakin life mod Apk unlimited money download is made in 3D. It opens up an enormous scope for action for gamers. Running it, the first thing you need to create a character.

After that game, you can always immerse yourself in a fun, exciting life, enjoy the beautiful scenery.

The game world in Avakin Life is unlimited. Exploring it, you will have life fun and be able to meet new people and friends. Who knows how this conversation can end and friendships or something more?

Download Avakin life mod Apk and have great parties, make new friends! Naturally, your game character will need to live somewhere.

Set up a comfortable apartment for him, creating a bright designer interior in it. Properly furnished housing can occupy the top lines of the rating and allow you to succeed.

Since the Mod menu Apk game is continuously updated, you won’t be bored: it will always have a lot of exciting new tasks.

If you are a fan of life simulators, you will appreciate all its advantages:

  • The presence of a free chat that allows you to get acquainted with real people
  • freedom of movement around the 3D world;
  • The ability to create a stylish interior of a virtual apartment.

Avakin Life Mod Apk Features

role playing game

Avakin Life allows Avakins to chat with other Avakins in the same space as them, as well as with private messages.

This way you get your rating and the more people liked your interior, the higher the rating. As you understand it, it will be challenging to achieve the first places as there are the best apartments around the world Avakin Life.

Avakin life mods game has very realistic graphics; it is very bright, attractive and lively. A quality sound complements the atmosphere of reality. Here you can sit for hours, doing different things.

After a message is typed and sent by avakin life hack, it will be displayed in the chat log for the space you are in, and all Avakins in this space will be able to see it in the avakin life cheats application.

Alternatively, if Mod menu Apk collapses the avakin life money cheats chat log, chat messages will be displayed above the head of Avakin. They dialed their avakin life cheats for coins.

Messages in a public chat are, by default, coloured white in the chat log.

Own Colours And Chat

Hacking Avakin life mod apk in the 3D virtual world, however, you can manually select your colour to use avakin cheats to get money.

Avakins can also chat privately, sending each other chat messages without displaying them to other Avakins in Apk.

Private chat is pink in the chat log. PS: in fact, no one says that avakin life hacked this game, and there are a lot of losers who pretend to be someone they are not because they are not good enough in the real world.

Meet Old Friends

Find new ones and meet the old one in fantastic 3D environments. Explore this ever-growing and regularly updated world, wandering freely in every lush place.

Customize and colour your apartment, express your personality.

So you can use your interior decorator skills. You will have to work hard if you want a great judgment. Only the best apartments receive the highest ratings.

Add Unlimited Friends

Avakin life mod Apk can add another Avakin as a friend by sending him a friend request to add avakin life hack avakin.

Upon receiving a friend request, it can be accepted or rejected by the recipient by hacking the virtual world on the personal message screen.

If rejected, the two Avakins do not become friends, and cheats of the virtual 3D world delete the friend request.

Several Animation

Animations allow Avakin to express himself by moving his bodies with the Avakin life hack tool!

There are several types of animation avakin and without displaying them to other Avakins in Apk.

Avakin Mod Apk Menu More Features:

mod apk unlimited money

After all the work done in Avakin Life, who players will be transferred to a virtual account a small number of coins that will help them decide on buying a comfortable home and furnishing newly-made housing with a variety of decorations and furniture.

If you want to play another action game then now one will be better than Archero Mod Apk game.

If the always second stage is successful, you can set the table and invite your neighbours to a housewarming party.

  • Complete freedom of movement in the picturesque 3D world;
  • The opportunity to communicate in a particular game chat, which gives a great chance to meet real people;
  • Have fun with friends and other colleges users
  • Constant updates, adding features elements of the environment and animation effects to the game;
  • Convenient, pleasant and intuitive interface;
  • Creating a fantastic interior for a game apartment.

More Functions


BOO! It’s time for devilish frights and terrible pleasures in Avakin Life because we have been celebrating Halloween for a month!

Avakin life mod Apk unlimited money download gave the fashion contest a refreshing drink! Personalize your recordings with the best poses and camera controls in the photoshoot.

  • PLUS receives a new exclusive badge, reaching a relatively high level of fashion!
  • FREE 3D chat
  • FREEDOM to move, explore and express your emotions in the 3D world
  • Have fun with old and new friends
  • TUNING your apartment with great furniture
  • Socializing with friends in your apartment or their apartment

How To Download Install Avakin Life Apk?

how to install avakin life

A nice feature of the game is that you can access it both from your mobile device or tablet – and using a computer and use an extraordinary method to install. Downloading game from The Traffic Rider Apk is very easy and free of errors.

  1. Thanks to the integration of virtual reality, it is possible to play Avakin Life in a special Google Cardboard helmet.
  2. It will allow you to fully enjoy the gameplay and all the privileges of the virtual world.
  3. Download the APK avakin file. If you are updating and you downloaded the previous version of the application from us, then we put it on top of the old version. Otherwise, operability (data storage) is not guaranteed.
  4. Allow in the Apk settings to install applications from unknown sources (done once)
  5. Install the APK (for example, using the file manager )
  6. If the application does not install, read the topic Types of signatures and why they are needed
  7. Run the application
  8. When playing the modified version, turn off automatic sign-in to the Google Play Games app.


Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

How can I complete all the missions?

we have already provided mod version of avakin life mod apk means you dont have to put all your effort to complete any mission or task.

Can you have a baby in Avakin life?

No, Avakin life in games has no baby.

How do you invite friends on Avakin life?

Download the Avakin life mod Apk unlimited money download. And Invite unlimited friends.

How do you level up fast on Avakin life?

Download this mod Apk and upgrade many levels in each hour with unlimited coins and lives.

How do I get unlimited Avacoins?

Just, Install this mod Apk and don’t worry about the unlimited coins it free and no banned issue.



Avakin life mod Apk is created by Lockwood Publishing Ltd game has a boutique in which you select your character clothes and stylish accessories.

Going to the club will allow you to chat with players from other parts of the world, like or dislike them, offer friendships and even flirt.

It also provides a function for connecting to a radio wave for listening to audio compositions. A nice feature of the game is that you

We offer gamers to appreciate an entertaining social life simulator that will transfer them to an enchanting virtual world with unimaginable capabilities.

Initially, in Avakin game Life, you will have to customize the selected hero, configure his external data, and choose clothes and much more.

There are plenty of opportunities for character editing; you will finally be able to make your character truly special. It can choose a fashionable hairstyle, stylish clothes and change the necessary facial features.

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