Afk Arena Mod Apk 2020 – Download 1.39.01 With Unlimited Money Free

If you are interested in role-playing games, then we got for you Afk Arena Mod Apk 2020 with unlimited money and other paid features. This game has a lot of crazes because everyone loves to play the game, which challenges you.


Afk Arena Mod Apk

When you need to pay attention to real-life issues, the Afk arena private server cleverly gameplay device will help you erase the worry of craving something. True to its style, this enjoyable role-playing game still allows you to play the task even without performing. It has been one year since AFK Arena started! Ukyo Tachibana has developed just in time for the birthday festivities!

Although AFK Arena’s plot is pretty simple, it is given to the player gracefully and in particular. Most of the time, you sit and watch the AI play by itself, but the great graphics of the game can make you sit for hours and have real gaming experience.

Among the latest update, AFK Arena mod apk is now more magnificent than ever. With four new heroes, four faction towers, 60 new campaign levels, and different adventure on Time Mountain, even experienced players will have to master all the skills to overcome these difficulties.

Fifty heroes in the game are represented enchanting, lo0oking like stained glass artworks, then designed meticulously in change, creating a different style in the game.

App NameAFK Arena Mod Apk
Size102 MB
Requires Device
4.1 and up
Mod Version1.39.01
Last Updated On10 June 2020
Created ByLilith Games
Uploaded ByThe Traffic Rider Apk


Afk Arena Mod Apk Story

fighting game

The game is about a lot of strategies, and with each update, it is getting more features. If you want to play this game properly, you need to know several things about it.

The whole game is filled with epic tales. Your job will be to rest and look into the beautiful world filled with plentiful rewards and exciting adventures. It is one of the most fun-loving android games that you will ever come find out.

The designs and stories following the characters are based on different settings such as Celtic culture, medieval Africa, and Europe, Mysterious art. You need to gather and upgrade your army of 5 heroes, and then they will fight in the battle quickly but no less stressful.

If you are lover of action based game then you play Archero Mod Apk game.

It can be a bit of a headache for you because there are too many characters to choose from, please refer to the following tips to go further. The game has beautiful stories that will help you understand the sensations that you will feel in a particular situation.

Some related level heroes, such as Save as and Arden, can help you through the first few levels until you gather enough heroes.

Key Features

android games

Gorgeous Design

The game has Discover stars and factions that each possess their personal unique and magnificent design style inspired by Celtic mythicism. You’ll require to add each card to your arrangement! The game has beautiful high-quality graphics that make this game more exciting and loveable.

Types Of Hero

You’ll be amazed at how many hero orders are likely as you overcome each of your adversaries. Get more further out of powerful unions and factional bonuses as they play to your advantage and allow you to turn the tide of battles at your fingertips.You can also use some heroes for two ideas; for instance, the competitive lion Brutus can deal damage and block damage for the team.


Forge partnerships with other players you meet and take on an array of dangerous players together! Assemble a strong team of heroes also go to battle in AFK Arena’s global ‘Legends’ Championship. There will be no complex movements or procedures required. Let your army of heroes fight and hoard riches for you. All it takes is ten times a day.

New Factions

You will have to discover new factions and heroes, and each of them will have their art style. Make sure you are adding it to your card collection. In here game, there is hardly any use of procedures or elaborate gestures, so it is quite simple to learn.

Some Positive Reviews

role playing game

01: Before Installing It, I thought it was going to be completely cringy, and then I realized this game has fantastic art and decided to play it. If you don’t have much free time and still wanna sink your teeth into a game, then AFK Arena mod apk is perfect for you.

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02: In this game, you will find the system is pretty generous with loot. Not so much as to breeze right through the game, but I usually don’t spend more than a day before seeing myself making progress. Another great thing is the variety of game modes.

03: The only thing which is not right in this game is its saving option. Whenever you want to switch your account after logging out, your old account will get suspended. It means your coins, levels, performance all these will be restored.

My Experience About AFK Arena Mod Apk

afk arena role playing game

I am playing this game for about a half year. Also, I got addicted to this fighting game. I liked it because I can play for just a few minutes and still have progressed like I have a more profound level than most of the people that I see, but I already have the same process as them.

This game is like my fresh craving. I got this game a year ago and quickly loved and enjoyed it. It has fantastic characters that you can use in campaigns and the items they add every week or two. There are many people that you can do when you cant battle with your personalities.

How To Download Afk Arena Mod Apk

Downloading your AFK Arena Apk from Traffic Rider Mod Apk is very rapid and honest to understand, some of you people will study how to download the game but if you have a some of the confusion, then here is the way how you can get it for free.

Step 01: For starting your download, you have to click on the go to download page when you click on it. It will send you to the main download page.


Step 02: when you click on the go to download page button, it will redirect you to the origin download page. Click on the Start Download button now. It will lead you to google drive now you can easily download it.

download afk arena

Step 03: After clicking on the Start Download button. It will start downloading your file. If you still have some issues regarding the Afk Arena mod apk download process, you can check our extra screenshot below.

How To Install Afk Arena Mod Apk

how to install afk arena

If you have downloaded the AFK arena game from the google drive link, here are some additional steps to complete your installation method of this game.

Step 01: now go to the place where you have downloaded your game. When installing the apk for the first time, you have to give some authorization for further installation steps.

Step 02: After opening the apk, it will pop up and ask for some permission, in the beginning, you have to choose the option “Allow For This Source” now press back key, and now you can install your apk and play and enjoy it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

AFK Arena MOD Apk. is safe to play?
Is 100% safe? I have personally checked it, and we have not noticed any defects, viruses, or anything else.
What is AFK Arena MOD?
Mod is a kind of modification we did with the AFK arena apk. I have personally checked it, and we have not seen any bugs, viruses, or anything else.
How can I download and install AFK Arena MOD Apk?
In above, We have given you the download file. Please measure and download as per our instruction. For installation just on your mobile developer mode option, install the apk, so let you adjust and have fun with it.
Playing AFK Arena MOD is Free?
Yes, playing this game is 100%, and we have already given you the mod version of this game Afk Arena Apk which means all paid things will also be free for you.
How can I complete all the Tasks in the Afk arena?
We have earlier given you the Mod version of this app. Then you don’t have to make such energy to complete the task because this mod can advise you to complete this AFK Arena game. After running this game, I bet you will fall in love with this fighting game.


Final Verdict

The AFK Arena Mod Apk Unlimited Money is one of the best fighting games for android devices. It has been More than one year since it is rocking with 10M Downloads and has 4.6 Rating by its 2,199,000 users worldwide.

If you think that you want to play this game on your pc or laptop, so it’s not a big deal. You have to download an android emulator; then, you can download and play every android game or software on your pc or laptop for free.

This Game is available on playstore you can download it from there. If you want some additional information regarding this apk you can check out the official site of Lilith Games.

If you still have some questions regarding this Apk version or you want to request any game mode app versions so you can communicate with us, we will try to reply as soon as possible. Repeatedly thank you for reading our article. Thank you






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